Why Freeze-Dried Açaí?

There are so many benefits to Freeze-Dried Açaí Berry. Besides of being a perfect source of nutrition and healthy fatty acids, Açaí contains a high level of antioxidants which may help to increase energy levels and stamina. Up to date, only freeze-dried Açaí powder showed an extremely high antioxidant level of 1027 micromol TE/g of any other food tested by ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) established by the USDA. In a number of studies done including Dr. Schauss in 2006, the ORAC value for this freeze-dried powder was significantly higher than when other methods of drying the fruit were tested. For example, spray-dried Açaí has only an ORAC value of 65. Interestingly, the study done by Dr. Lichtenthäler found out that only 10% of Açaí’s high antioxidant effects could be explained by its known antioxidants, such as anthocyanin. This suggests that there are other unidentified antioxidants present in the Açaí berry which contribute to this high antioxidant activity. In 2006, a study performed at the University of Florida showed that Açaí fractions containing polyphenolics could reduce proliferation of leukemia cells in a laboratory setting. Further researches need to be done and this was not intended to conclude any findings to prevent leukemia in humans.

ORAC Values for Dried Fruits and Vegetables

Inferior Açaí Extracts Supplements

Almost all Açaí supplements on the market including big health supplement stores has an ingredient of 4:1 Açaí Extract on the label or they use spray dried process which are both cheap and ineffective since most of nutritional content in Açaí berries are destroyed in the heating process. In addition, their 4:1 Extract is a misleading term since it is made by concentrating, not extracting using solvent to extract. In addition, the benefit of Açaí berries is obtained by consuming the whole fruit (except the seed), not a specific chemical that you want to extract. All the nutritional information and the research we discuss so far is based on just the edible part of the fruit, skin and pulp. However, since over 80% of the fruit is the seed, beware that some companies are actually selling Açaí products that contain Açaí seed which have no proven nutritional purpose.

Better than Açaí Juice

Once we understand the reasons why that Açaí berries are easily perishable, it will be easy to understand that all the Açaí juice on the market are not 100% pure since they need to add something to the juice in order to have it preserved. In addition, if you are serious about keeping your calories down, you should not consume the juice since there are a mix of sweeteners and other fruits in order to make certain taste and flavor. If your goal is get the full benefits of Açaí berries, by drinking the juice made with various blend of ingredients, you have no ideas how much Açaí you are actually consumed. In addition, you have no way of knowing how your Açaí juice is processed, freeze dried or spray dried. With our freeze-dried Açaí, users can even open the capsule up and add the Açaí to their favor drinks like yogurt, ice cream, juice, tea or just water. When you mixed our Açaí with water, you will immediate notice the presence of essential fatty acid float on the water and insoluble dietary fiber.

Why mixed Açaí with other fruits are not recommended?

Because it is expensive to obtain and ensure the high quality of Açaí berries from its initial process of harvesting to preserving them into capsules. By just looking at its price, it is not difficult to see why many mixed Açaí supplements often have cheaper price tags. Despite its marketing tactics to lure consumers to buy in those so called "Proprietary Blend" or "Special Formulated" and it offers a little known benefits if any. In addition, since the chemical properties are different among fruits, in order to blend them together, man-made products have to get mixed in order to increase its shelf-life. In the worst case, even if it comes with the natural Açaí ingredients, it will have to change its original texture in order to mix with others. There will be no guarantee on what you consume at the end.