Inferior Açaí Extracts Supplements

Almost all Açaí supplements on the market including big health supplement stores has an ingredient of 4:1 Açaí Extract on the label or they use spray dried process which are both cheap and ineffective since most of nutritional content in Açaí berries are destroyed in the heating process. In addition, their 4:1 Extract is a misleading term since it is made by concentrating, not extracting using solvent to extract. In addition, the benefit of Açaí berries is obtained by consuming the whole fruit (except the seed), not a specific chemical that you want to extract. All the nutritional information and the research we discuss so far is based on just the edible part of the fruit, skin and pulp. However, since over 80% of the fruit is the seed, beware that some companies are actually selling Açaí products that contain Açaí seed which have no proven nutritional purpose.

ORAC Values for Dried Fruits and Vegetables