Better than Açaí Juice

Once we understand the reasons why that Açaí berries are easily perishable, it will be easy to understand that all the Açaí juice on the market are not 100% pure since they need to add something to the juice in order to have it preserved. In addition, if you are serious about keeping your calories down, you should not consume the juice since there are a mix of sweeteners and other fruits in order to make certain taste and flavor. If your goal is get the full benefits of Açaí berries, by drinking the juice made with various blend of ingredients, you have no ideas how much Açaí you are actually consumed. In addition, you have no way of knowing how your Açaí juice is processed, freeze dried or spray dried. With our freeze-dried Açaí, users can even open the capsule up and add the Açaí to their favor drinks like yogurt, ice cream, juice, tea or just water. When you mixed our Açaí with water, you will immediate notice the presence of essential fatty acid float on the water and insoluble dietary fiber.

ORAC Values for Dried Fruits and Vegetables